Photography is my passion, it's in my blood.
I grew up going to my grandpa's house and spending the evenings in awe of his photography. We would all sit on the couch, while the old slide projector would flicker his images onto the lounge room wall.
He captured such incredible landscapes and drew me into the beauty of nature. Meanwhile taking photos of his family and their adventures around the world. His photography told such wonderful stories of life, love and joy. Even now looking through his photos, it brings back so many emotions.

The photo's below were taken by my amazing grandpa ( He's the one on the right )
All these images help his memories and stories live on. This is big reason for why I am passionate about telling peoples stories through photography. I want to capture the celebrations of life, the moments bursting with joy, and the beautiful intimacy of love. I want these moments to last forever and be passed down through generations.


I always loved photography, however I didn't really pick up a camera until my late teens.
I began with landscape photography and I believe this gave me some really solid foundations. I learnt how to get the most out of my equipment, work in different lighting conditions and developed my eye for what creates a great image ( below are a couple of my favourites ).

Weddings were far from my mind until I got asked to help out with a wedding by a friend of mine. From that day on I knew that capturing weddings is what I wanted to do. And I have never looked back since. Getting to capture couples having the day of their lives, how can you not love that?!


Your wedding will be one of the most important and best days of your life. And I want to not only capture it, but add to it! This means I will immerse myself in the celebrations, allowing me to capture the day as everybody experiences it. At times I will be like Houdini, as to not distract from the important moments, and other times right in the thick of the action to not miss a moment. I want to create an atmosphere where the photography is not something you just have to tick off a list, but something you look forward to and have fun with.

I love an adventure and going the extra mile for a shot, so if you are happy climbing fences, dancing in the rain, and giving anything a go then I think we will get along just fine!